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18 Nigerian songs featured in blockbuster movies

by Peter Friday
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In this story, we take a look at some Nigerian songs that have become soundtracks for blockbuster movies we all love.

The entertainment world is a deeply interrelated one, with several arms of it coming together with an end product in mind. A perfect example is movie soundtracks where most times, pre-recorded and already-released songs are used in a movie to heighten the emotions portrayed in a particular scene. While very much like the music space, the movie market is mostly dominated by American movies and generally Western films, Nigerian musicians have been able to through their music, also leave a mark on the world of blockbuster movies. In this story, to give credit to this movement, we take a look at some Nigerian songs that have become soundtracks in popular western movies we all love.


Simply put a blockbuster is a work of entertainment—typically used to describe a feature film, which is a full-length movie, but also other media—that is highly popular and financially successful, mostly because it is very exciting.


Released in 2006 with Mo’Nique as a starring actress, Phat Girlz is a movie about two fat women who, after struggling to find love due to their sizes and societal beauty standards, meet the men of their dreams that come from a culture where big women are appreciated.

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