What could be his reason?? Can this be love ?

A Kenyan man known as muima has revealed his plans to wed an 85 years old woman whom name is thereza .

The couple shared their love story on a YouTube channel (Afrimax English) and also declared their decision to get married .

According to the couple,they first met when muima and his friends were searching for an apartment to rent .And eventually ended up renting her house .

Thereza would often call muima “my husband ”

Muima also spoke about his love life saying “this is my choice and my happiness,just as everyone has theirs, he went further by saying “before pleasing others,first, please yourself and decide not to base on anyone’s opinions. He also said that the way thereza behaved and treated him made him to love her and though she is an old woman and in reality can be his grandmother but he still loves her.

Thereza, who is a mother of eight children and a grandmother of 20 grandchildren.

According to my boyfriend’s age,he could be my fifth grandchild,but he loves me and I love him too.she also said that she’s ready to put on the wedding dress and ring.

What do you think about their love story?