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50 Cent faces criminal battery charges for hurling microphone at fan

by Peter Friday
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According to Reports by TMZ, the artiste was performing at the Crypto.com arena in LA when he threw the microphone at the victim, who was sitting in the production area backstage. The microphone caused a laceration on her forehead, leaving her with a gruesome gash and needing stitches.

The rapper is said to have hurled multiple microphones during his performance out of frustration because they were all faulty. But the microphone that hit the victim, later identified as Bryhana Monegain, was aimed at the production crew, not her. Unfortunately, the force with which it was thrown hit her smack in the forehead, creating a hole.

In the video captured during the performance at his Final Lap tour, 50 Cent was seen walking onto the stage to join rapper YG then he chucked the mic when it was not working. The picture of the victim showed her the injury to her head and blood on her face while being checked by paramedics.

Fellow rapper Cardi B recently found herself in a similar pickle, after tossing a microphone at a fan during her performance at the beginning of August.

In her case, she asked the concertgoers to splash water on her because she was hot. For some reason, she took offense to a particular fan who splashed water on her and chucked the mic in her direction but it ricocheted off her and bounced onto someone else. One of those ladies ended up pressing charges against Cardi B but she didn’t face criminal charges because the police in Las Vegas dropped their investigation.

50 Cent has not spoken on his charges.

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