There are many Online music platforms, Blogs & websites in Nigeria that claims to promote music and other entertainment contents with little or no influence in the industry in terms of audience reach and recognition.

The business of music can be very profitable when you follow the right path as an artiste. Placing your song on a platform with little audience engagement and low fan base will do your career more harm than good.

Jozebrain Media stands out of many entertainment websites when it comes to music promotion in all ramifications.

Now, let’s take you through the 6 major reasons why you need to promote your song on Jozebrain Media this year to give your career a massive turn around.

1. We Top Every Charts and Site Rankings

Jozebrain Media massive audience reach has been proven overtime by many top global ranking websites. Every year, Jozebrain Media is always ranked above all other music and entertainment website in Nigeria.

According to a Professional Ranking Platform in USA, Jozebrain Media is ahead of other music and entertainment websites in Nigeria by ranking the No. 1 Music & Video Download Website & No. 15th most visited website in Nigeria ahead of other Top blogs while others struggling down the line. The only Platforms ahead of us are Google, Yahoo, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and some other Top Sites.

2. Our Fan Base Is Huge

Our Google Analytic report records 2 million page views every month while the number Jozebrain Media users is estimated above 1 million both in Nigeria and abroad monthly. Imagine your song placed in the forefront of 2 million music lovers in and outside Nigeria, you can be sure the sky is your beginning. Even Jeff Bazzi himself made 40 million Naira promoting his “Hooker” on Jozebrain Media. So we are you not to work with such platforms? Music Promotion shouldn’t be as hard as many Platform makes it seems to be.

3. Massive Social Media Followers

Our social media reach is incomparable; we have over 1ok followers on Instagram, our Twitter followers are above 12k. On Facebook, we have been able to attract over 450k followers while our  Telegram channel has over 92,000 subscribers. When you compare our social media stats with other music website then you will realize what we are talking about.

4. Strong Industry Influence

We have solid relationship with major stakeholders in the entertainment industry. Our strong link with leading record labels, A-List artists, top DJ’s and lots more has helped a great deal in uplifting the careers of some upcoming artists that are loyal to our brand. A living example is   Euroboy542, Junior White,  many others we have worked with over the years.

5. Dedicated Team Of  online Media Strategist

At Jozebrain Media, we have a dedicated team of trained professionals with vast experience in Digital marketing, Social media PR and General Publicity. Our team of professionals understands industry trends and online music promotion. Therefore, we have capable hands that will help your career grow even with the overwhelming competition in the industry. We know everything that makes Online promotion works. You can Trust us with your Career.

6. Professional Music Career Advice

Jozebrain Media will not just jump on music promotion without offering you lifetime advice on how to improve your brand as an artiste and take your career to the next level. This is because we see your success in the industry as an achievement on our path. So, at every point in your career when you need music career development tips you can always come to us. As long as we have your songs on our platform we will be ready to offer music career consultancy service to you free of charge.

Now, it is up to you to make a right choice. Give your career the boosting move today by getting your songs on Jozebrain Media. We promise you, you will be glad you did.

What are you waiting for?

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God Bless the Hustle!!!