Asoni Leo is a Nigerian Afrobeats artist with a focus on Afro music life and spirituality. Although honouring the Afrobeat tradition and taking influences from the legendary artists, he enjoys letting the music come naturally without restriction.

Asoni Leo has been involved in music since his small age; likes freestyling and voicing, he always make himself available for musical performance. He showed His musical ambition when he was given a beat and he use the beat successfully; now he has dropped singles and collaborations that can light up your day, despite he has not gone out for music shows outside but he makes shows in his town to be talk of the town. First time on stage was not favourable but he made it memorable because he never felt like an upcoming but a star.

Uplifting and spiritual, Asoni Leo always look for that extraordinary thing that can make a track to become a great one, and all day long he reach out to people that love music to know there minds on Afrobeat music. Nevertheless, he adds his own style and he lets the music flow to create something magical for Afrobeat lovers.