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Ayra Starr reacts to rumored collaboration with Jimin of BTS

by Peter Friday
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The internet is abuzz with speculation after rumours surfaced suggesting a potential collaboration between Nigerian Afrobeats star Ayra Starr and Jimin, a member of the global K-Pop phenomenon BTS.

The rumour seems to have originated from a social media post, with Ayra Starr responding suspiciously to a fan’s tweet regarding the collaboration. The post, which has since gone viral, hinted at a track featuring both artists on Starr’s upcoming album.

Ayra Starr recently announced that her album would be released in the second quarter of 2024. For some reason, fans noticed that she had begun following Jimin which sparked the rumours.

Fans from both the Afrobeats and Kpop industry have expressed excitement at the prospect of this unexpected collaboration. Regardless of its validity, the rumour has undoubtedly sparked conversation and ignited the imaginations of music fans worldwide.


If a collaboration between Ayra Starr and Jimin were to surface, it could be a groundbreaking moment in music. Especially bridging the gap between Afrobeats and K-Pop on a global scale.

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