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Basketmouth to quit comedy in 5 years, pledges support for rising talents

by Peter Friday
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Nigerian comedian and recording artist, Basketmouth has crafted a five-year plan to transition from comedy to focus on filmmaking and music.
In a recent interview with newsmen over the weekend, 45-year-old, Bright Okpocha, widely known as Basketmouth, disclosed his intention to step away from the comedy scene after five more years. The decision is rooted in his desire to explore various entertainment industry sectors and build his own empire.
Basketmouth, who initially transitioned from a music career to comedy in the 1990s, expressed his certainty about returning to music. The success of My Flatmates, a popular sitcom he produces and stars in, further fuelled his belief in diversifying his entertainment portfolio.

The comedian outlined his plans for the next five years, detailing a series of annual comedy shows before a full departure. He said, “I’ll be 50 in five years; I’d have moved on to something else that’d be taking much of my time, and I don’t want to cheat comedy. I want to give it a 100%. I know that in five years, I can blend all the interests and go fully into movies, TV, and music concerts. It’s going to be hard to do all these things and still give 100% to comedy.”

Basketmouth also voiced his concerns about the challenges within the Nigerian comedy industry, highlighting the lack of structured support for comedians compared to the music and film sectors. He underscored the absence of global exposure for comedians, particularly through streaming platforms, impacting the growth and refinement of their craft.

Citing the decline of stand-up comedy culture, Basketmouth attributed it to the absence of platforms for emerging comedians to practice and hone their skills. To address this issue, the comedian revealed plans to collaborate with a show named “One Night Stand,” aimed at providing exposure for new comics on a global scale.


Despite his exit plan, Basketmouth left the possibility of a return in the future, stating, “As a comedian, you can’t stop writing materials so I’ll keep writing, and maybe in another 10 or 15 years after now, I might come back. We have a 15-year plan.”


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