Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemate, Saga, has been begging Biggie for information since he started his search for Nini, who had gone ‘missing’.

In the early hours of Wednesday, day 60 of the show, Nini, in line with Biggie’s secret mission, snuck out of the house to a reserved area outside the house.

Few moments later, Saga realised that Nini was ‘missing’ and called the attention of other housemates and the search for Nini began.

The search for Nini begins

On noticing that Nini’s absence was taking too long, Saga started his search in every part of the house. Yes, every single part of the house.

While sitting at the dining area, Saga pleaded, “Biggie please give us some clarity.”

Angel and Pere wondered if she was in the Diary Room but Pere pointed out that she couldn’t have stayed there for so long.

“That place is not where you can stay for a long time,”Pere said.”

He added, “You may just see that tomorrow morning, Nini will just come outside. I believe this is a prank.”

As soon as possible , Angel and Saga went to the Diary room door and the latter begged Big Brother to give them information about Nini’s whereabouts.

While they searched, Nini could see the activities of the housemates through the screen that was provided in her reserved hiding place.