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BBNaija’ star Christy-O explains her shady tweets subbing All Star housemates

by Peter Friday
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During an interview, she addressed her viral shady tweets directed at some of the BBNaija All Stars housemates. Christy was not afraid to ‘name and shame’ the housemate each tweet was directed at.

At the beginning of the All Stars show, after the new housemates were revealed, she took to the microblogging app to express herself saying, “It’s funny how I’m seeing a lot of housemates that swore with their lives that they’d never go back for Big Brother. The show is toxic yen yen yen…but they wore the shiniest dress. Believe celebrities at your own risk .”


According to her, that sub was intended for two female housemates and not one, she said, “I was actually referring to two people, Angel and Baye.” She went on to explain that she did not expect to see either of them in the house, especially because they said that the show was toxic and it affected their mental health during their season.

In her words, “I remember that Angel said it so many times that ‘Big Brother, my mental health’, for somebody that spoke a lot about her mental health, I didn’t expect that she would accept to come back on the show. And Baye as well because she was like ‘this show is not for the weak’ this and that, talking about her mental health, so I was surprised to see her on the show too.”

The next person the BBNaija alumnus called out was Tolanibaj, a housemate from the Lockdown edition. In her next tweet she took it upon herself to serve her a taste of her medicine by slut shaming her because she, in turn, slut shamed Baye in the show.

f you can call somebody a slut because she was in bed with somebody, how does it feel to be called a farm city babe? That’s why I put out that tweet. I just wanted her to feel what slut shaming feels like,” she explained, defending her actions.


Going further, her next tweet which was directed at Ceec and Venita, charged them to get off their high horse. She attested that everyone inside the Big Brother house is equal, regardless of their amassed wealth outside the house.

The tweet read, “Since you think you’re all mighty and above, you shouldn’t have accepted to come back on the show then, after all some people declined to be there … talking about if you see me at an event you can’t blah blah blah … mtcheeew”.


Not backing down, Christy-O stood firmly on her opinions and simply told them that they shouldn’t have gone for the show if they did not want to be disrespected.


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