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BBNaija’s Phyna responds to Chichi’s ₦100 million lawsuit against her

by Peter Friday
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The reality star asserts that there is more to the story than her fellow housemate Chichi let on. Guest starring on the With Chude podcast with media personality Chude Jideonwo, Phyna said her attack on her counterpart during the reunion show was as a result of something Chichi said to her.

She said, “The way I attacked her they should have known she said something, that part was mute. Because the previous day, you body-shamed me, you called me shapeless and saggy boobs, that’s why I had to use the word for her that she would record in her heart and brain. Because you can’t be body-shaming me that has a natural body, I had to remind her that there is stuff.”

The model defended her actions on a tit-for-tat basis, stating that Chichi brought up her pregnancy terminations. In turn, she brought up the ‘child abandonment’ claims, alleging that her housemate abandoned her husband and two children in Benin City.

She also alleged that ‘one of Chichi’s children passed away as a result of her abandonment.’ In her words, “You called me an abortionist, I reminded you that you have two kids that you abandoned.”

Phyna then added that she was surprised to see that she was being sued in court but was unphased by it. According to her, she intentionally ignored the lawsuit because she was ready to take the issue to court. She even purchased a suit in preparation for their hearing because she wasn’t backing down.

“Two days later, she is suing me in court for N100 million for libel and defamation of character. I called my lawyer that if we didn’t reply to the lawsuit, what would happen? My lawyer said if we didn’t reply within 7 days, she could charge me in court. The next day I bought a suit to prepare for court. I don’t like trouble but I love trouble,” she said.

The lawsuit was drafted back in July of 2023 and this is the first time the season seven winner is publicly acknowledging it.




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