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Bella Shmurda reveals the significance behind Tension Rave in new documentary

by Peter Friday
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Popular Nigerian singer Bella Shmurda has opened up about his reason for hosting the annual Tension Rave in Ibadan.

In collaboration with Wetalksound, Afrobeat singer Bella Shmurda took fans behind the scenes into the intricate workings of his annual Tension Rave concert in Ibadan. Bella Shmurda makes a recurring appearance in Ibadan for the Tension Rave concert, drawing in throngs of enthusiastic fans.

At the Tension Rave 2024 event, Bella Shmurda was the subject of a documentary filmed by WeTalkSound, providing an intimate look into his personal life. The documentary delves into his ascent to prominence in the music industry, his experiences as a parent, and his fondness for the city of Ibadan.

In his interview, Bella Shmurda discussed the reasons behind his annual return to Ibadan. He expressed gratitude towards the city for its early support in his career, noting that Ibadan was where he had his inaugural headline show, which contributed significantly to his affection for the locale.


He said, “I feel Lagos is saturated. We have people who are our supporters and we have to do it for them. That’s why I am here. For Ibadan people. They don’t get much of this. I want to bring entertainment to Ibadan. I want people to know Ibadan”

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