The management of Julius Berger at the Bonny-Bodo road in rivers state today was said to have call on police to shoot at peaceful protesting workers demanding for their rights.

According to report, 5 workers were shot by a triggered police DOP of Bori.

It was gathered that the workers from Bodo community who started their protest on Tuesday 14th of September call on the management of Julius Berger in the on going project for an improvement in allowances and also equality in payment with people working from Bonny town who are said to be earning more than them on the same project.

In response to the workers grievances the management of Julius Berger sent out a memo stating that they’ve sacked all the protesting workers and anyone ready to work should sign an undertaking. In doing this, they also call on police and army to chase the workers away from the work premises.

As if that wasn’t enough, the police followed the workers to the council chairman’s place where they went to report the management to chairman on what they are facing presently.

After the meeting, the worker were said to have gathered outside the council for a brief meeting and that was when the police started shooting at the workers. 4 workers were repeatedly shot with many injured.