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Burna Boy shines in new music video for ‘City Boys’

by Peter Friday
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What better way is there to unequivocally establish Burna Boy’s standing as the preeminent African artist on the global stage than by showcasing his unparalleled affluence and opulence?

This monumental testament to his prosperity came to life with the grand unveiling of the official music video for his latest chart-topping hit, City Boys. Crafted under the visionary direction of the renowned 20K Visuals, this visual spectacle was meticulously shot amidst the enchanting backdrop of the sun-kissed streets of Miami, Florida, lending it an aura of extravagance and grandeur that befits a musical superstar of Burna Boy’s stature.

The track, City Boys is not just another addition to Burna Boy’s impressive repertoire; rather, it stands as a jewel within his critically acclaimed seventh studio album, I Told Them. The album, a masterful display of his artistic prowess and unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries serves as a powerful testament to his status as a musical trailblazer. Burna Boy’s innovative approach to music has not only captured the hearts of fans across the globe but has also elevated him to the pinnacle of the industry.

Behind the scenes of this musical phenomenon lies an assembly of some of the most illustrious names in the production world. The impeccable soundscape of City Boys was expertly crafted by a stellar lineup of record producers, including Mds, Ruuben, Santeri Kauppinen, Robert Laukkanen, Michael Abram Schultz, Keith Eric James, and Jeremy Felton. This collaboration of musical virtuosos has brought forth a sonic masterpiece that perfectly complements Burna Boy’s lyrical prowess.


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