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Comedian AY Makun Breaks Silence and Expresses Gratitude to God after Lagos Home Catches by Fire

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In a shocking incident that left fans and colleagues worried, popular Nigerian comedian Ay Makun, also known as Ayodeji Makun, faced a fire outbreak at his Lagos home on Sunday, August 6, 2023. 


The alarming event was captured on a viral video shared by @Postsubman on social media, showing the top floor of the two-story building engulfed in flames.

As news of the fire spread, concerns grew for AY’s safety and that of his family. 

Ay makun house on fire


The netizens feared for the comedian and his loved ones, with properties worth millions allegedly being destroyed by the blaze.

However, setting minds at ease, AY Makun took to his Instagram page to break his silence and assure everyone that he and his family were safe. 

Expressing his gratitude to God, he emphasized the significance of family and faith, stating that everything else comes and goes.

Sharing videos and pictures of his wife and children presently on vacation abroad, AY revealed his excitement about reuniting with them in the United States soon. 

In a heartfelt caption, he wrote, “Family and God – that is what’s important. Everything else comes and goes. Can’t wait to join you guys in the US in a few days.”

As the cause of the fire outbreak remains unknown, the well-wishes and prayers for AY and his family continue to pour in. 

Despite the devastating loss of property, the comedian’s safety and the unwavering unity of his family brought a sense of comfort to those who care about him.

Let us wholeheartedly extend our thoughts and prayers to AY Makun and his family, wishing them safety, strength, and a swift recovery from this ordeal. 

As we wait for further updates, we hope for a brighter and safer future for the beloved comedian and his loved ones.

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