A Friend of late Mrs Osinachi Nwachukwu of Ekwueme fame, has come out to say that the gospel musician died as a result of domestic abuse she suffered in the hands of her husband. No the speculations of illness as reported.

According to her, he hit her hard that some weeks back and she was rushed to the hospital where stayed 5 days on life support before she gave up the ghost.

In recent times, both men and women have been become victims of hidden, unspoken terrible pain, hurts and trauma in their christain marriages.

So many men, even pastors are wailing in pain, they’re victims of domestic violence from their wives and abusive spouses. They can’t speak out because of religion.

She also said that there was a time he tied her and instructed her children to cane her. He has since been arrested. Her friend’s name is Chidinma Ego.

When a problematic marriage gets to the point where you have to choose between Death and Divorce. Please choose to be alive.

So many people have confessed to the fact that mrs osinachi uwachukwu was a victim of domestic violence.

Here are some: