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DJ Cuppy opens up on her failed engagement with Ryan Taylor

by Peter Friday
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Billionaire heiress and renowned DJ, Florence Otedola, popularly known as DJ Cuppy, has left fans intrigued with a cryptic post on social media.

Taking to her verified Instagram page, she shared thoughts about life, its uncertainties and her failed engagement with BMX rider, Ryan Talor.

While not delving into specifics, DJ Cuppy touched on the distinction between individuals as investments and bills. The post comes in the wake of the DJ’s recent loss of her expensive phone to theft a few weeks ago.

In her words, she said, “Now I can stand here and tell you how unpredictable my life has been despite being from a privileged background. Whether its my failed jewellery line which I did at 28 years old, or going to University of Oxford at 29 and almost failing class. Perhaps a cherry top, last year I got engage and I’m no longer engaged but such is life and I know my story is still happening and there is more to come and I’m okay with the uncertainties.”



Speculation has arisen among fans, with some connecting the cryptic message to her recent breakup. DJ Cuppy’s former lover recently provided reasons for ending their relationship, prompting speculation that her post may be linked to these personal developments.

As fans speculate about the meaning behind her words, DJ Cuppy’s social media post has sparked curiosity and discussion within her fan base.

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