Have you noticed that Ghanaians hate Nigerians so much with passion?

Take for instance, Ghanaian reggae-dancehall artist, Shatta Wale’s rant on Sunday, where he threw shades on Nigerian artistes after selling out a Ghanaian stadium.

“They said I won’t be able to fill my own stadiums, I don’t need any Nigerian artiste to sell out Ghana’s stadium, f**k Nigerian artistes,” the rapper had said.

On the following day, Shatta Wale also took to his Twitter page to blast Nigerians, telling them to be grateful to Ghana for supporting Nigerian artistes.

Not just that, alot of Nigerian business people in Ghana, facing troubles on daily basis from Ghanaians.

Why Ghanaians Hate Nigerians So Much?

In January 1983, the President of Nigeria, Shehu Shagari issued an executive order mandating immigrants without proper immigration documents to leave the country or they would be arrested according to the law.

The order was in alleged response to the religious disturbances that had engulfed parts of the country in 1980 (the Kano Riots) and 1981.

Most of the immigrants were West Africans and mainly Ghanaians. Over 2 million men, women and children were affected, including over 1 million Ghanaians and other West Africans.

You must have heard the story behind the “Ghana Must Go” bag.

Ghana Must Go was a popular name given to the migration of illegal migrants (mostly Ghanaians) from Nigeria following the presidential executive order in 1983.

I believe this could be the reason why the present Ghanaians dislike Nigerians so much.

Don’t you think so too?