An Ondo-based clergyman, Samson Oluwamodede, has predicted that the naira currency would soon regain its value after falling sharply against the dollar.

The General Overseer (GO) of Prayer Centre Church of GOD, PCCG, said that the forces hindring the nation’s progress and preventing economic growth would be put to shame before 2023.

Oluwamodele made the prediction during service in his church in Akure the state capital, noting that the holy spirit had revealed to him that the Nigerian currency which is currently over 700 to a dollar will soon be at the rate of N10/$1.

He Said; “Today, I also want you to mark my words. The dollar will fall and we would have the naira gain its strength. Like a drama, it would be shocking to Nigerians. I repeat again, we shall have (one) dollar as N10 to our currency.

You remember I once prophesied that a young lady would bring out the glory of this country through a tournament in sport and that prophecy came to pass. The lady, Amusan (Tobi) is doing us proud now.

Our economy will boom and it would affect all the sectors which would start working again. Children of God, you have to pray tirelessly”.