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Don Jazzy’s : From Akara Seller to Music Mogul

Don Jazzy's Humble Beginnings: From Akara Seller to Music Mogul

by Prince Thatwriter
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Don Jazzy, the renowned music producer and founder of Mavin Records, recently opened up about his early life experiences that shaped his path to becoming a music mogul.
In a candid conversation on the Zero Conditions podcast, Don Jazzy shared a glimpse into his past, revealing that he used to sell akara, a popular Nigerian snack, with his mother in Ajegunle.

He vividly recalled the moments they spent frying akara together and hoping for attention from well-off customers driving by in their Peugeot 504s or Mercedes 230s.

Don Jazzy now

Don Jazzy reminisced, “I can still see myself sitting there with my mom, watching the big men in their cars come to buy akara. I’d secretly wish that someone would notice my need and offer some help.”

These childhood experiences left a lasting impression on Don Jazzy.


He revealed that his memory of those times drives him to extend help and support to those in need today.

His past hardships have shaped his perspective, making it hard for him to believe those who claim they’ve suffered, as he believes that true suffering is often far more challenging than what most people claim.

Now a successful figure in the music industry, Don Jazzy finds it his duty to make a positive impact on others.

He explained that he’s driven to offer help and contribute to the community because of his own background. “It bothers me if I can’t leave a positive mark on people,” he shared, emphasizing the importance of his personal mission to make a difference.

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