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Everyone thinks I’m older than my age – Seyi Vibez

by Peter Friday
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In a new interview with Apple Music Africa Now Radio with Nandi Madiba, Seyi Vibez talked about his rise to commercial success, the motivation behind his music, and his decision to start a label.

2023 was a busy year for Seyi Vibez who dropped more projects than any other Nigerian mainstream act with his 2 Eps and 2 albums. When quizzed about his decision to put out lots of music, Seyi Vibez revealed that music is his best form of expression hence he’s always recording.

“I just keep recording. It’s not because I want to record, it’s because I don’t like talking to people too much. From when I was young I didn’t like talking to people too much, so whatever was on my mind that’s getting me sad or is getting me happy, I put in my music. I record always because that’s the only way I can communicate with people. I have a lot more songs than the ones I’ve dropped.”

Since releasing ‘Chance’ Seyi Vibez has enjoyed huge commercial success which he believes contributes to the reluctance of people to believe he’s only 23 years old. The artist however ascribes his success to God and his late mom whose memories continue to motivate him.

“I would say first of all it’s God, our creator. Apart from that my explanation is always my mum, but since she’s passed away I always say she’s alive [in me].

I don’t think I’m young, because everyone thinks I’m older than my age, nobody thinks I’m 23. I just have to keep pushing, because it’s like I’m doing what I’m not supposed to do at my age. I’ll keep doing it and my mum is still alive so my inspiration never dies, so I keep working.”

Seyi Vibez has his music imprint called Vibez INC to which he signed the rising Street Pop act TMI Vibez. Seyi Vibez believes his new signee has the potential to become one of Africa’s best artists.

All this year, Tml, Tml. I think he should do a lot more this year. He’ll be one of the best African artists ever to come up this year. He’s really a godsend because his first project went number 1 in Lagos, the single went to number 1 in Lagos, and his album went to number 2 in the whole of Nigeria, so I know his next project is getting better and I know Tml the year is a lot of trouble. Man, I can’t wait for him to blow more.”

Seyi Vibez favours the use of orchestra and choral vocals in his music and he credits this to the influence of Fuji music maestro Wasiu Ayinde and Afrobeat creator Fela Kuti whose music he was exposed to while growing up.

“Those backing vocals came from the legendary music chants I used to know in Nigeria. When I was growing up – I was 12, 13, 14 – my dad used to play me Fela Kuti. He’s the one that made me know about Fela Kuti, then I studied about Fela Kuti and it made me know about K1 De Ultimate. You see all these people have [backing choirs] in their songs.

One day I sat down, and I thought about it like, why are we not using backup [choirs] in our songs? Is it because of the African performance? Is it why they record their stage performance as audio? So I’m like, what I want to start doing on stage is have a choir on my stage and also have a choir in the studio. That’s how I started.”

Seyi Vibez ended 2023 with the release of his ‘NAHAMciaga’ EP and he opened 2024 with the release of the music video for ‘Different Pattern’ off the EP. Fans will be looking forward to another music-filled year from the Street music sensation.

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