A Family who based in Jamaica have made a surprising move of dumping modernity in a first world country to embracing life in West Africa.

They left their home in UK and relocate to Ghana to live in a forest, after their mother name Jarrel have a terrible dream.

It was reported that the family comprises of five people, Daniel, his wife Jerrel and their three children.

According to them, a research was made about life in Ghana to be sure it was a good place to live and after three months, they moved.

Daniel told podcaster, Vanessa Kanbi that they chose to settle in a forest because of their love for retreats and nature.

They live in a tent which was brought from the UK, and use a tricycle to transport themselves around the area.

The family said that they realised they had been lied to about Africa as relatives had told them that continent had bandits, diseases and starvation.

But all that was proved to be false because they live in a remote village surrounded by a forest and are yet to experience any of the things they were told.

Meanwhile, Daniel’s family is in the process of building a house in the forest, which will be a more permanent shelter