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Ghanaian star, KiDi speaks up about his mental health

by Peter Friday
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Destigmatizing and prioritising mental health in the music industry is making considerable improvements in Africa.

For World Mental Health Day, Ghanaian superstar KiDi opened up in an interview with BBC Africa’s Daniel Dadzie about how fame has affected his mental health. “It is okay for things not to be always perfect”, said the Afrobeats singer. His candid admission about the impact of fame on his mental health sends a crucial message to his fans and fellow musicians. This is not the first time KiDi has opened up about how fame and success have caused him to struggle. In April 2023, KiDi opened up about his well-being in a song titled I Lied. Via his Instagram post with the song, KiDi captioned it with “If I tell you say I’m okay. I lied”


The song I Lied is an honest track in which the Ghanaian star addresses his health struggles. He admitted to having lied about his wellbeing by saying he was okay when he wasn’t. In his Interview with BBC Africa’s Daniel Dadzie, the songwriter talks about creating a healthy and safe mindset for himself. The musical sensation talked about how everyone, regardless of their industry, needs to have strong support systems.



The Ghanian music awards Artist of the Yearwinner, advised himself and other artists to learn to live in the moment, “I’m one of those people that when good things happen, like you said I won artist of the year; the next morning I wake up and I’m like ‘what next’?”. When asked about how he fought to maintain his mental health, KiDi opened up about his therapy sessions. He also spoke about how his family and friends supported him along the way.

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