Values; the regard that something is held to deserve…a person’s principle or standard of behavior.

For every choice we make, whether in buying a property, cloth or food, work, having relationships, life generally…we always want to place a VALUE on it.
The value we place on a person determines how the person is valued! For instance; when you introduce your friend or wife or associate or acquisition to people, the value you place on him/her/it determines how people treat them!
Every success is based on VALUES. Be it businesses, relationships or careers. Value is all about exchange. What are you willing to pay for?
Some businesses today are established only for immediate profits, forgetting the long run. The result? Ultimate failure in the long run!
Value guarantees longevity in business/assets!
People who want something for nothing always fail in the long run!

What about Relationships? Firstly, know that relationship is everything. You have to learn to value the people around you. Build relationships. People seldom do biz with people they don’t value!
What are those traits you value?
What are the things that drive you?
Your values are the core determinant of how you want to live your life. It becomes easier for you to make decisions, choose your friends etc. It becomes harder for you to compromise because you know exactly what you want in life. It helps you to identify the things you need to work on.
Values typically reflects who you are & who you want to be.
Remember, whatever you give your attention to is what you value. Your choices & what you give your attention to is a reflection of what you value.
Empires are built on VALUES!
So, what are your values?
May your new week be more beautiful and colorful than my shirt!😁👍❤️