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Here’s Fireboy’s least favourite thing about being a celebrity

by Peter Friday
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In a recent interview with radio presenter Do2tun on Cool FM, Fireboy shared his dislike for the process, even though he loves his job as an entertainer.

“I love what I do, but I don’t like the process. I love that my work takes me places, but the process of travelling? No. I don’t even like going out and interacting with people that much. So having to submit my passport and all those things don’t appeal to me,” Fireboy expressed candidly.

Notably, Fireboy had a tremendously successful tour in Australia in October 2023, consisting of three shows. It kicked off with a performance at Promiseland in Gold Coast on September 30, 2023. Subsequently, Fireboy headlined at two consecutive sold-out shows. The tour involved a lot of traveling and pitstops, showcasing his talent across different locations.

Reflecting on the tour, Fireboy added, “It was a very crazy trip, long and far. When I got back, I was like, ‘You know what? I need to take a break from traveling.’ I took like two days off and decided to stop.”

For celebrities like Fireboy, travelling is an integral part of their careers, essential for exploring new horizons, gaining fresh perspectives, recharging creative energies, meeting the fans, networking and building their overall brands. However, while it’s a necessity, the occasional jet lag and taxing travel routines can take a toll, as this singer’s experience clearly highlights.


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