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How diamond jewelry has enriched the music industry

by Peter Friday
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Currently, diamond jewelry has firmly entered the world of not only fashion but also music. With their help, celebrities emphasize their uniqueness and try to stand out from the rest. It all started with Marilyn Monroe singing about diamonds in the “Gentlemen prefer blondes” movie”. She made a great impression on Tiffany, Cartier, and Harry Winston at that time.

As for today, stunning mens bracelets on Pharrell Williams or diamond Spear’s choker on Lady Gaga have become an integral part of their looks. Over the past few decades, diamond jewelry has become more expressive and colorful. In this article, you will find out how it all began.

Hip Hop Jewelry Hall of Fame: The Gold Chain

In the beginning, there was gold. Take a look at the cover of Curtis Blow’s self-titled album, which shows him wearing five big gold chains. This album is considered one of the first hip-hop records to become very popular and subsequently stimulated other artists to emulate Blow’s style. Gold chains have become a direct display of status: the larger and more expensive the chain, the more chance you have of fame. Considering that a key aspect of a hip-hop artist’s success hinged on this status, it’s no wonder why the trend has picked up such a dizzying pace.

Performers sometimes went so far as to use really silly outlandish decorations on the stand. Their size and weight sometimes became a hindrance for them. Just look at gold and diamond pendants in the form of dollar signs or Mercedes hood ornaments. Given this trend, diamonds are gradually becoming more of an obvious choice for jewelry. This movement is being picked up by artists such as Lil’ Kim, Eva, Mary J. Blige, and others who always perform with their ice chains. Expensive sports cars and fashion trends may simply disappear while the famous slogan says: diamonds are forever.


Iced Out Jewelry: Musicians & Their Sparkling Celebrity Jewelers

As the demand and popularity for unique and personalized diamond jewelry have grown, many once-famous jewelers (such as Ben Baller and Jacob Arabo) have become little more than minor celebrities. The “trendy haute couture trinkets” have become more popular than their creators.

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