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How gospel singer Moses Bliss met Ghanaian fiancée

by Peter Friday
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Just a day after announcing his engagement to Marie Wiseborn, he revealed their serendipitous meeting – ignited by a late-night Instagram video and fueled by faith.

It all began a year ago, on January 20, 2023. Bliss found himself tagged in a video of Marie dancing with infectious joy to his hit song, Miracle No Dey Tire Jesus. He was struck by her passion and grace, commenting, “I was like ahh, ‘I like the way she praises God, wow she dances like David.'”

Little did he know, Marie wasn’t even a regular video poster. Yet, as she tells it, a divine nudge prompted her to capture her spontaneous praise dance that night, leading her to upload it at 2 am. And miraculously, it caught the eye of the man whose music had inspired her steps.

Their story blossomed from there. Months of friendship unfolded, and now, the love story born from a dancing video and nurtured by faith culminates in their engagement, announced on Friday, January 19, 2024.

This heartwarming tale serves as a beautiful reminder that God’s blessings can come in unexpected ways, even through a late-night dance and a serendipitous Instagram scroll. As Bliss shares his joy, he offers a hopeful message, “For someone believing God for this kind of testimony, may God divinely work out your testimony in Jesus name.”

So, let Moses Bliss and Marie’s story inspire you to keep your heart open to faith, follow your intuition, and embrace the unexpected dance moves that life may orchestrate. For miracles, after all, no dey tire Jesus.

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