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‘I’m ready to unlock a new level’- Portable

by Peter Friday
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Portable says he is about to unlock a new level in life and the Nigerian music industry.

Portable has excitedly announced his progression to the next stage of his music career following his encounter with international music sensation Skepta. Reflecting on the experience, the singer expressed gratitude to Allah, affirming his belief in divine plans that never falter. He highlighted the transient nature of human promises and lauded genuine assistance, asserting that true helpers distinguish themselves through their actions.

Portable was recently spotted alongside Skepta during the filming of the music video for Tony Montana. Sharing a fresh snapshot featuring himself and Skepta, Portable captioned it with a declaration of his elevation to a new level. Reinforcing his reliance on divine guidance, he reiterated that Allah never fails.

Via social media, he said, “ZAzuu I’m ready to unlock a new level in my life trust ALLAH his plans never fail … Who promise you fit change mind na who help you be your helper @skepta”. Recently Portable weighed in on the outcome of the recent Grammy Awards, offering his perspective on Nigeria’s loss to South African singer, Tyla. Portable expressed his views on the matter on his Instagram page on Monday, February 6, 2024, urging Nigerians to appreciate and promote their indigenous music genre, Afrobeat.


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