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It’s a lot better than this – Burna Boy defends Ghana jollof on the international front

by Peter Friday
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The Nigerian musician had cause to stand up for Ghanaian jollof when the opportunity arose despite the unending food rivalry between the two countries.

During a recent interview with Complex US, Burna Boy was served a variety of jollof rice, from different African countries, and had to guess which country each meal originated from after tasting it.

The dish on the chopping board was ‘Jollof’.

It is a rice-based dish from West Africa typically made with, tomatoes, onions, spices, and vegetables among other accompaniments.

The singer seemed to have gotten a hang of the challenge when he got the ones from Nigeria and Senegal right until he encountered what he referred to as “low-quality jollof”.

Although he mistook the origin of the third plate, suggesting it might be from Kenya, he wasn’t entirely off the mark in terms of the quality assessment.

Unfortunately for Burna Boy, his guess was incorrect, and he was informed that the jollof rice he deemed less flavorful actually hailed from Ghana.

He was visibly surprised claiming that his experiences with Ghana’s jollof were very different as this particular plate did not meet that standard.

Ghana jollof is way better than this even if Ghana jollof is bottom of my list, it is a lot better than this. The real Ghana jollof is a lot better than this,” he insisted.

Ghana and Nigeria are known to be in the popular “Jollof war” about which country has the best jollof rice.

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