Hello Jozebrain Fan,

A fellow Jozebrainuser needs your advice on how to tell her Girlfriend something he’s not comfortable with without the babe picking offense with it and turning it into a quarrel.

He reached out to us so other Nigerians can advise him on how to go about it.

Below is what he sent to us 👇

Hi JB Admin,

My name is Kelechi Nduka from Imo State. Please, I want you to help me post this on your Blog so Nigerians can advise me on how best to go about this without this turning into an issue between us.

My Girlfriend pu$$y now smells like rotten fish and I have been tolerating it for a while now and the smell keeps getting more terrible by the day.

She was not like this before, this smell/odor started some months back.

The last time she has this same issue and I told her so she can treat herself, she blocked me on Whatsapp and I can no longer chat her up).

I don’t want us to have any issues because if I do, she picks offence so badly.

I need your help everyone.. I will be in the comment section waiting for your responses.

Thank you