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Kizz Daniel surprises fans with marriage news

by Peter Friday
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Nigerian singer Kizz Daniel surprised fans with a recent revelation about his marital status.

In a response to a female fan who “proposed” to him online, Kizz Daniel disclosed that he has been married for four years already. The singer further shared that his wife is an Igbo woman from Warri. Soon after, the artist deleted the posts made to his X account.

This news has come as a shock to many of Daniel’s fans, who were previously unaware of his marital status. However, despite the surprise, many fans have taken to social media to congratulate the singer on his marriage and wish him well.



Kizz Daniel is known for his popular songs like Twe Twe and Buga, and his private life has generally been out of the spotlight. This revelation about his wife and their four-year marriage offers a glimpse into the singer’s personal life that he has previously chosen to keep under wraps.

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