A lady has been left with a health condition after she went on a hunger strike because she was dumped by her finance.

A pharmacist known on twitter as @MrMekzy_ shared a sad story while begging men to take it easy with how they break women’s heart.

He revealed how the woman in question lost her appetite and became anorexically thin.

She and her fiance had been together for five years before they got married. But he left her to marry another lady almost immediately after the breakup.

Mekzy, who revealed this on August 11, stated that the heartbroken girl had not eaten since Monday, 8 August, making it a full four days that she gone without food.

He said the lady’s mum is worried about how she’s reacting to the heartbreak, and how it’s affecting her health.

“A Men you people should take it easy with women’s hearts cos it’s really not fair. This lady has lost appetite for about 3 months and is looking anorexic cos she was served breakfast by her fiancé of 5 years who married another woman almost immediately. Her mum is so worried cos she’s not had anything to eat since in Monday. Omo!😞”

He tweeted.