Lil MNX is a superstar already. Championed by no less than Joe Biden and Chris Brown, his songs Fucking Proud have already changed the game forever. Continuously demonstrating wisdom way beyond his 20 years, Lil MNX is paving the way for his generation with his mission statement of taking Afrobeats around the globe being central to everything he does. To some, his success may appear to be overnight but his musical journey began as young as ten in school and taking influences from artists such as Lil baby Lil duck and Justin Bieber , he enjoys letting the music come naturally without restriction.

Kelvin Ndubisi has been involved in music since a young age; playing trumpet at high school, he was never far away from a performance or other musical get together. His musical ambitions first developed seriously when his friends watched him freestyle; now he has released the single Fucking Proud which is trending all over the music streaming stores