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Morravey’s debut EP ‘RAVI’ dominates the charts in over 12 countries

by Peter Friday
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The world can’t seem to get enough of the DMW’s finest Morravey as the singer’s debut EP titled ‘RAVI’ has taken over the charts in over 12 countries.

The EP, which was released in the early hours of today, Thursday, November 2, 2023, currently holds a position in over 12 countries on the Apple Music Albums chart. Morravey who captured the attention of fans with her soulful voice on the legendary Timeless album by Davido, seem to have the whole world on lock with this project as it currently holds a position in the following countries:

#4 Nigeria

#5 Sierra Leone

#6 Cameroon

#8 Gambia

#14 Ghana

#15 Uganda

#24 Liberia

#26 Benin

#28 Cyprus

#36 Tanzania

#66 UAE

#82 Ireland

#97 UK

#118 Turkey

Morravey’s EP “RAVI” is a musical masterpiece that perfectly captures her radiant energy and musical versatility. The EP consists of a collection of tracks that showcase her exceptional talent and skill in music production, songwriting, and vocal performance. Each track on the EP is unique in its own way, featuring a blend of various genres including pop, R&B, and soul.

Morravey’s ability to infuse heartfelt lyrics with infectious melodies is truly remarkable. Her music has a way of captivating listeners, taking them on a journey through the depths of emotions.

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