I was inside a keke when a guy came in. It was a short ride. Just 50 naira. The keke guy asked him if he had 50 naira and he said yes.
He got in and we continued.
He got to where he would come down and gave the keke guy #500. The keke guy reminded him that he asked him if he has 50 naira and he said yes.
The guy said he has plenty money and thought 50 naira was in it.
The keke driver obviously had no change. The passenger said he doesn’t also have that 500 is the least money he has.
He said it’s either the keke driver finds change or he’ll leave without paying.
From there, verbal fight started. He was insulting the keke driver like he was right. The keke driver was obviously pained by the whole thing.
The keke driver was trying to find change from his fellow riders and the guy crossed road and left.
That thing pained the keke driver. I saw the pain in his eyes.
We left. At a point I noticed the keke driver was wiping tears off his face.
I asked him if he’s fine and he said all he wanted from that guy was to at least talk to him in a calm voice that he doesn’t have 50 naira and not to insult him.
He said he needed the 50 naira but he can still let go if he talks to him like a human being.
Like, this guy was crying. It was very heartbreaking.
I got home, paid him and also gave him the last 500 on me.
His countenance changed immediately. He was smiling with tears flowing down his eyes.
To you, it’s JUST 50 naira. To the next person, it might be all they need to have dinner.
People need kindness. Lots of people are struggling and a simple smile from you is all they need to know that no matter how hard life is to them, there’s still love in this world.

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Copied. let this generation do things differently let’s start with the small things we do