Nigerian Super rising star Marlie

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Ife mi e e e (x2)

Nw I believed in love and
Here am trapped,,,,shit shit

Never knew what I dreamt aah
dis is love at the first sight ah
Nigaz Dem a bet aah
She say her body full
Aswear no b fancy

ThankGod that I open up
Catching cruise but I zip it off
Bad days are gone ejo kick it off
Am not perfect but she washed it off

Her name is oge eeh
Gat her from ogbe eeh (ogbe eeh)
Pepper Dem like a ose (ose)
She stole my heart
She be ole,ejo mogbe

I don’t need just to think twice
Came into my life never thought twice ah ah ah
Zero breakfast ah
Thousand dinner every night aah

Am a player(x2)
She is a keeper(x2)
Am playing for different club
Nw playing for her only club
A mAh winning the cup,
Enemies wanna score uuuuh
Baby believe me
Enemies wanna score

Gat a confession to make *Chorus*

Always telling u
Love at the first ah ah aa
Nelo dis is love at first aah
Try understand me
love at the first uh uh
Tryna believe me baby
This love at the first uh,
love at the first sight

Baby be my problem
Be my remedy ii
Kill me with a melody ii
Wan marry you tell me yeloni
In a Milly I go pay in a billy

Many guys could then (show up(x2)
Tell em my bby is not for (hookup(x2)
No 7 a mAh winning d cup
That’s for sure
A mAh love you the more

She is glowing (x2)
Niga Dem showing(Dem a showing)
All of them,Dem a crushing
She is den stunning
And her waste is then banging

Love at the first uh uh uh
Tryna understand mi
Love at the first uh uh u
Just believe me
Love at the first uh uh uh
(Marlie marlie)
This is love at the first uh uh uh

Am not kidding ee
Am not joking
Try believe me ,love at the first sight eeh