Most often we come across talented people who do many things but it’s hard to see someone who does many things and does it really well. We linked up with a Young, talented and a super creative Youth who is really good in all he does.


Teniforom Anuatizi Eric Popularly known as Therealremiboi is a young multitalented Cameroonian Artiste, songwriter, Entrepreneur, Fashion Designer and an NFT collector.

Looking at him and how young he is , you won’t believe he can multitask himself this way and still produce great Results.

We had a one on one chat with him and he revealed a lot to us especially his current and feature plans.


Therealremiboi had his first “cry” in AWING, on 3/2/1998. Many People who were on the spot could feel that a Great man has arrived and today it is even more clearer.

After 6 years of primary studies , Therealremiboi went to PCHS Mankon for his Secondary school studies.

In the Quest for more Knowledge, Therealremiboi travelled to Yaounde CAMEROON for his university studies. Now this is where it gets exciting. We learned he didn’t finish his studies, so when we asked him why , here was his reply “My love for fashion and music made me drop out of school , Music and fashion are two things I can’t resist and in a bit to chase my dreams , I had to give up on my studies”.


The good thing today is Therealremiboi owns a fashion shop, other businesses and couple of great songs on YouTube. He is currently working on an Ep while building an NFT project.

“My NFT Project is for charity homes homes, I want to use the knowledge and resources that I have to impact my society”, Therealremiboi revealed to us.

It’s strange to see young men take care of their families today but Therealremiboi is setting a great example for many other youths to follow. Having your community in mind and working towards bettering their living standards is good and such a project can never fail.


Currently, we are not sure if he is still single. However, it is rumored that he had a girlfriend who is from the Northwest Region of CAMEROON and they have been together for sometime, We know who Remi Boi is and he will definitely go in for a lady with a creative and entrepreneurial mindset like him.

The Young Entrepreneur is worth over $500k and he drives around with a “Hyundai coupe genesis” Car. We put together some of his self established business and revenue he gets from music before estimating his net worth.

Statistics shows that Therealremiboi will be one of the Richest Youths in CAMEROON in the years to come.