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My mum is everything – Seyi Vibez opens up about losing his mother

by Peter Friday
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He took the deep dive speaking to British-Nigerian podcaster, Adesope Olajide on his popular Afrobeats Podcast.

“My mum is just everything you know? I don’t want to talk about her too much so I don’t get emotional”, he said when asked how her passing affected him. He also disclosed that he bought her a house before she dies, as a surprise, but he never got to unveil the gift.

Going on, Seyi described how he stopped recording his music to fully grieve, and he also did not put out any of his music during that time. He attributed his mother’s death as the reason behind the late release of his albums and the initial postponement of his UK tour.

He also talked about his upbringing, revealing that he was born and raised in the Ketu area of Lagos State, where they lived up until he turned 13 years of age. At that point, his family uprooted and moved to Ikorodu as a result of unforeseen issues, so he moved with his mother to start a new life.

When they hear you’re from Ikorodu, they think you don’t know anything. But you can be from the ghetto and still be classy“, he said to the host.

At different points during the interview, Seyi gave credit where due to his family for supporting him, even when he started his musical journey at just 14 years of age. He gave multiple shoutouts to his family while speaking, to acknowledge them.

The singer said, “After God, my mother, father, family then my fanbase. My family is very important in my life so I don’t joke. Since I dropped my first album ‘million dollar baby’, my family has been thankful to God.”

He is now set to headline the Indigo tour in the UK.


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