Home News NANS Benin Uncovers truth behind Benin Republic University Certificate Scam and Urge the Federal government to Investigate closely on it

NANS Benin Uncovers truth behind Benin Republic University Certificate Scam and Urge the Federal government to Investigate closely on it

by Joseph Ayu
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I trust this letter finds you well. I am writing to bring to your attention regarding the recent undercover interview that has affected all schools in Benin Republic. These observations asks for a thorough investigation to hold the implicated institutions accountable for their actions.


1. He said he is an undercover who supposed to get facts about the educational system in Benin Republic but he never crossed border to Benin Republic.

2. Someone should tell him that Cotonou is not a different country outside Benin Republic because he doesn’t know. Obviously because he was never in Benin Republic to get his real fact accurate.


3. He said he got an agent’s number. Agent may be a scammer and if the agent met with him in person. Let him call his name out so he face the law.

4. Benin Universities have various campuses, he should mention the campus that gave him the certificate so to facilitate the investigations of the agencies involved.

5. He directly or indirectly accused Nigeria institutions of being corrupt and full of loopholes and the institutions accused include:

a. Nigeria Immigration for stamping his passport in his absence which is not lawful.

b. Ministry of Education for being corrupt and loose to evaluate such a quake student/campus

c. NYSC for being unfit to identify the questionable students during physical verification.

6. He should be arrested for lying to the NYSC about his details and information thereby serving twice to prove a point. That is a mockery to the scheme.

7. If he was student let him call out or mention any of his lecturer or fellow students.

8. Should we say that the guy was a victim of a scam as he was never in any school and anyone can forge certificate for him?

9. Let him call out the border and the officer who stamped his passport without him being present to aid the investigation.

10. Was he trying to sell his career by indirectly accessing all the agencies and institutions above of being poor managed or corrupt?

I urge the government to initiate a comprehensive inquiry into these matters and take appropriate actions to ensure justice is served. Your intervention is important to safeguard the interests of Nigerian students and maintain the integrity of educational institutions.

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