Henshaw, in a video posted to her Twitter page, said in spite of her name being found in the voter register pasted on the wall at the polling unit, as well as on the electoral umpire website, the BVAS indicated that she was not registered.

She said, “You people are playing with my destiny. Yes.

“INEC, I registered, I transferred my card and I picked up my PVC. Now, your BVAS is saying I’m not registered. But I’ve seen my name on the register pasted on the wall and on your website.

“What are you guys people doing? You, people, want problem with me.”

Calling on media houses and foreign observers of the election, Henshaw said, “INEC is playing games.”

She added that the situation affected not only her but some other people, adding that “Whoever is in charge of INEC Lagos should come and sort it out here.”

She posted with the video, “This is the plan of @inecnigeria @ineclagos to disenfranchise me and over 20 Nigerians here in this polling unit! This is totally unfair!”