The NCPU disclosed this in a statement on Monday in Abuja through its Secretary-General, Cairo Ojougboh.

Jozebrain Media had reported that the group during its inauguration last week, called on the leaders and elders of the land to rise up and put in place all proactive measures to forestall any potential national crisis.

The group said, “The statement credited to some party officials that the #EndSARS will be a child’s play if the election doesn’t go their way refers. Nigerians should note that in a moment of crisis, the poor masses are mostly the victims, while the rich have ways of taking care of themselves. We should be mindful of inciteful statements capable of destroying a peaceful setting.”

The coalition while pointing out that the social media had a way of misdirecting the public, said that information coming from these channels should not be taken wholeheartedly.

The group further urged the public to be mindful of the reports they believe because INEC is the body constitutionally empowered to announce election results.

It further remarked, “While we are cautioning the public to be watchful and filter the reports out there before drawing conclusion, it is also very important to note that false reports have a way of causing serious crisis.

“Drawing conclusions before understanding the scenario is not good for peaceful co-existence, because when the truth eventually comes out, the lies and false information will dictate the pace and action

“The peace coalition is calling on the public to be careful at this point in time because sentiments are high and people differ in opinions and approach to issues.

“We want to congratulate Nigerians for coming out en-mass to vote during the presidential and National Assembly elections.”