Uyi Godson, one of singer Wizkid’s close associates, has taken to social media to share his thoughts about Carter Efe’s Machala song In an Instagram live video.

Godson tagged the song dedicated to Wizkid as ‘rubbish’ music, he said the song can not be successful because it is not catchy enough. He said that if he listens to the song, he has no choice but to give it an 1 out of 10 rating.

A lot of Internet users are also reacting negatively towards his comments, many people take him as a hater.

While comedian Carter Efes songs, Machala, is getting positive reviews around Nigeria, its apparent not everyone fan of the song. In fact, its Wizkids close friend.

Questioning the lyrics of the song and why it was receiving so much attention,

he said: “Nigerians love listening to nonsense music that can’t cross over, what is, I Dey do like Machala.”