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Omah Lay does not believe in the idea of religion

by Peter Friday
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The popular artiste noted that his respect for the supreme being goes beyond the fellowship of religion. Despite growing up in a fairly religious home and being exposed to the idea of religion, he has reached the point where he has decided it’s not for him.

Speaking with Wunmi Bello on her podcast, he also revealed he once considered converting from Christianity to Islam. However, at his current stage in life, he believes he does not need to conform to a religion to have a relationship with God.

The singer said, “As soon as I made money I just switched, I just believed in God and respected God, then I became more human than just religion. I just don’t enjoy religion anymore and I grew up in a Christian home and spent a lot of time in church. At a point I even wanted to convert to Islam, but I’m now at this point where it’s just me and God, no religion.”

Omah Lay went even further, noting the source of his issue with religion which he attributed to a ‘lack of evidence’. For him, there is no proof the Holy books of the human religions were written by God or his servants. While he believes in the existence of God, he does not believe in religion.

“I really don’t know anything and that’s the problem, it’s just these books and everyone is saying this and that but in no way does it sound true. These are just books that I cannot find evidence that this was written by God or his servant himself, so I feel like I don’t know anything. In as much as I know the Bible, I know Jesus, and I know Allah, but at the end of the day, I don’t have evidence. The only evidence that I have is that he is moving me, I know there is something somewhere that is in charge of this whole thing,” he added.


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