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Otedola endorses 2 artistes, invests in entertainment industry

by Peter Friday
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At a news conference in Lagos, Otedola said the company plans to open a multi-million-dollar entertainment deal through public-private partnerships. He said that part of the company’s plans includes nurturing up-and-coming artists, saying they represent the future of the industry which would be in various aspects of the industry.

According to him, these include songwriting, promotion, branding, scriptwriting, production, directing, photography, video editing, and audio-visual work.

“I have supported several popular artists in the industry, and I have promoted, raised and exposed thousands of up-and-coming artists to the spotlight through the regular shows I organised.

“I have been supportive to the up-and-coming artistes in the area of providing musical content, promoting their songs, and organising street shows for them, to exhibit their talents to the world.

I will not relent in my quest in promoting up-and-coming artistes to the world and also taking Nigerian entertainment industry to the next level.

“I like to deal with up-and-coming artists because they are the future of the industry, ” he said.

He also said that the company had endorsed two up-and-coming artistes. The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Otedola, also known as “10dollar,” has been quietly supporting up-and-coming artistes for the past six years but now wants to bring his big plans to light.

The lucky artistes he has recently endorsed are Queen Staphire and Iboy MP, and their singles will be released on Sept. 1 with promotions to follow.

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