I want to speak tonight concerning the treading story on the media for days now. About a young artist girl, whose stage name is Salle.

I watched a video of Salle, who is a young talented singer,while some people were trying to get her singing ability. Those people who I was hearing their voices but the ūüď∑ camera didn’t get their faces. They were playing a song beat with an MP3 I guess while Salle sang into the beat.

Her voice was something else to my ears…I could imagine the level she was going to reach but my imaginations was heavy.

After some hours, the one video of Salle started trending on the internet.

While watching the video, I was seeing depression, hard-work, suffer-ness on her face. Her look alone shows her family isn’t financially balanced at all.

I guess she hawk. Moving from streets to streets. A super star

A day after, a lots started happening. This girl who I checked her Facebook page with only 300 followers grew instantly

The world started following her up. At this moment,she is having over 3000 followers on Facebook and over 200k followers on instagram

Oh God!


Salle came out about two days after to say that “Rhanna” called her. I mean, popular America Artist. As I’m writing this, CNN desire to have an interview with Salle‚ĶDon Jazzy who we all know is striving to get Salle into his record industry .

My brother, my sister “keep pushing”‚Ķ.. Persistence, Believe & hard works pays. Whatever you believe and you effortlessly act upon will definitely come to pass.

Don’t give up on yourself! I’m begging you. The nation must hear your voice. God is raising people from nothing to something‚Ķ A lots of closed Voice are opening in this end time‚Ķ don’t be left behind.

It is time to pray, it is time to believe and it is time to work hard. Just one freestyle blow Salle. Your turn is coming

Salle’s last post ‚Ķ.check my timeline for the conclusion.

God bless you

Jozebrain Media