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Peruzzi reveals he wrote Davido’s ‘Unavailable’ and ‘Risky’ in new freestyle

by Peter Friday
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Nigerian singer and songwriter Peruzzi has spilt the beans on how he contributed to two of superstar Davido’s hit songs.

The revelation came through an unusual means, leaving fans in awe and wondering about the dynamics of their collaboration.

Peruzzi’s musical journey took off in 2016 when he joined Golden Boy Records. However, it was in 2018 that he hit the big time by signing with Davido Music Worldwide.

The duo has since created chart-topping hits together, but what surprised many fans was the extent of Peruzzi’s involvement in crafting some of Davido’s most beloved songs.


Most fans had speculated about Peruzzi’s behind-the-scenes role in writing songs for Davido, but it was never officially confirmed until now.

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