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Regal Deluxe storms Afrobeat party to celebrate Fela’s music legacy

by Peter Friday
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Fela was the originator of Afrobeat, a music genre that has remained undiminished in the minds and memories of his fans and lovers of his evergreen albums, 26 years after his departure.

In a bid to further solidify the legacies and lofty accomplishments of the late Afrobeat legend in promoting African brand of music, Regal Deluxe London Dry Gin put up a mind-blowing concert featuring eclectic performance from different artists, captivating aura and mouthwatering gifts for winners of raffle draw.

Over the years, Regal Deluxe London Dry Gin has been refined to give consumers crisp, smooth gin feeling crafted for their relaxation. This was evident in the acceptability and enjoyment derived from the gin at Fela Shrine where lovers of Afrobeat music kept asking for more on Sunday night.

Speaking on the rationale behind the sponsorship of the event, Sinmidele John Ogunwale, Brand Manager, Regal Deluxe London Dry Gin disclosed that Fela is a legend worthy of note that the brand has to appreciate him for the excitement he has brought to the table in regards to Afrobeat music and that is exactly what Regal Deluxe London Dry Gin has brought into his remembrance at 26.

He said, “Regal Deluxe London Dry Gin is itching for creating experience and enjoyment. It is a lovely gin that people have appreciated over time and we are used to creating experiences, lovely moments and engagement to consumers. This has informed the decision to be a part of a big day like this, supporting the Afrobeat party.

“Regal Deluxe London Dry will be 40 years old this year and we have always been out there, delighting our consumers in different functions, and engagements. We have been speaking into ‘Lagbo Regal’, one of our indegenous projects which we have run over the years conservatively in big forums that speak into ingenuity and celebrate Afro-fusion and Afro music over time.

“In the last 40 years, I can tell you that Regal Deluxe London Dry Gin has been there in the name of ‘Lagbo Regal’ and ‘Regal jolly. These are platforms which we have played actively well in the entertainment Industry and creating excitements around consumers.

“Fela is legendary and it’s worthy of note that we have to appreciate him for what he has brought to the table in regards to Afro-fusion as we may call it in our respective Ligua. It is a joyful moment that never ends.

“The idea is for people to keep enjoying the Afro-fusion and Afro beat of Fela Kuti who has made us come together today and celebrate the ingenuity of African Music.”

Also speaking on the remembrance concert, Yemi Williams, Head of Operations, Street Media Solution, an event agency for Fela Remembrance Concert noted that the motivation in Regal Deluxe London Dry Gin in sponsoring the concert is the spirit of excitement embedded in the gathering.

“Fela brand is synonymous to music culture and Regal Deluxe London Dry Gin is the driving factor of the excitement. Fela’s music is more or less a legendary heartbeat that we feel the brand lifestyle fits into the entire activities of the festival.

“Being the number one spirit drink, Nigerians need excitement and Regal provides such excitement likewise. Two great positive energies meet to create more positivity. Regal Deluxe London Dry Gin is a positive brand and Fela is a positive brand. It is positivity all the way.

“The fans should therefore embrace the brand in all totality. Regal Deluxe London Dry Gin is the family, it is the Shrine and the Shrine is the Regal Deluxe London Dry Gin.” Williams concluded.

While treating the feverish gathering to his pulsating and energetic beat, Made Kuti, the grandson of the Afrobeat maestro, thanked the fans, Regal Deluxe London Dry Gin and promised that the family would continue to uphold the legacies of Fela Kuti.

Fondly known as Abami Eda, Fela launched a brand of modern music called Afrobeat which fused African blues, Jazz and funk with traditional Yoruba music. 26 years after his death, the world has continued to celebrate him and appreciate his brand of music.

Regal Deluxe London Dry Gin has therefore proved to be a perfect match to the excitement, rigour, originality and indigenousness provided by Fela’s Afrobeat music.

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