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Rema Breaks 41-year-old US Billboard Record

by Prince Thatwriter
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Recently, Rema achieved a remarkable feat by breaking a 41-year-old record set by legendary musician King Sunny Ade.

King Sunny Ade’s iconic album “Juju Music” held the record for the longest-running Nigerian project on the US Billboard 200 chart for an impressive 29 weeks since its release in 1982.

This achievement stood strong for 41 years until Rema entered the scene with his debut album “Rave & Roses.”

Rema Rave & Roses album tour

The young artist’s album has spent an astonishing 30th week on the Billboard 200 chart, surpassing King Sunny Ade’s record.

Rema’s accomplishment is particularly noteworthy as he was born 18 years after King Sunny Ade’s record-setting album hit the charts.

The US Billboard 200 chart serves as a reflection of an album’s popularity and impact based on various metrics of consumption.


It ranks the most popular albums of the week in the United States, showcasing the music that captures the hearts of listeners and leaves a lasting impression.

His achievement highlights the evolution and growth of Nigerian music on the global stage.

His ability to break a long-standing record showcases his talent, dedication, and the resonance his music has with audiences beyond borders.


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