If we are in a sane clime where democracy has been institutionalized, the President after spending Seven years in office; would have apologized to the nation for the monumental failure of leadership that has midwifed democratic dyslexia and hardship on the nation.

There is a general degeneration of this nation under this administration and there is no way you will defend this present government without looking stupid before your audience. The failure of governance became recipe for the escalation of insecurity, collapse of economy and has left the democracy of the nation in a grosteque shape.

As it is now, the nation is plateaud and lurched but the President still maintained his halcyon posture. Even if the President should apologize for his failure of leadership which will be difficult, his spokenmen will still use his apology to insult the nation.

Please all those declaring to be President, by the time you emerge, don’t tell us you were not aware of the mess or debts left behind by the Buhari administration. The current failure of leadership, the borrowing, insecurity, economy etc. should give you idea of the mess we are into as a nation.

Nigeria is one country where anything can happen and nothing will happen.

The antidote to hate speech is good is good governance.

Cyber Priest…