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Rick Ross and Nasty C reveal their best African artist

by Peter Friday
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American rapper Rick Ross and South African hip-hop star Nasty C sent shockwaves through the Afrobeats community during a recent livestream.

When the conversation turned to their favorite African artist, both Ross and Nasty C declared Afrobeat giant Burna Boy as their top pick.

The unexpected shoutout sent fans into a frenzy, with Burna Boy’s name trending across the music bloggers on social media platform. The livestream, which is an aftermath of Rick Ross’s pledge to be more involved in African music this year 2024.

Apart from Burna Boy, the two also mentioned Akon as their number 2 pick and finally paid tribute to the dead AKA and named him his number 3.


The artists didn’t reveal any upcoming collaborations between the three artists, but their admiration for Burna Boy’s talent has certainly sparked speculation.

Burna Boy, a Grammy Award winner known for his older hits like Ye and Anybody, is a global icon. Burna Boy has performed at the prestigious Grammy Awards and has shut down multiple concert venues.

While some fans might debate Rick Ross and Nasty C’s choice, one thing’s for sure: their co-sign shines a brighter light on the immense talent Africa has to offer the world.

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