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Rising star Shilee teams up with hitmaker Reward Beatz for new singles

by Peter Friday
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Shilee’s double release featuring ‘Aje’ and ‘New Paper’ offers a dynamic musical experience, with ‘Aje,’ produced by Reward Beatz, and ‘New Paper,’ produced by Greamar.

This marks an exciting chapter for the rising artist under the label Boss Player Records. Shilee’s versatility shines through in ‘Aje,’ where an amazing production by Reward beatz meets aspirational lyrics, creating an immersive sonic experience.

The track reflects Shilee’s ability to seamlessly transcend various influences including his thirst for success and his hope for success resulting in a fresh and dynamic sound that resonates with listeners across genres and demographics. ‘New Paper’ stands out as an aspirational anthem.

This single encapsulates the essence of hustling, financial success, and newfound affluence. In ‘New Paper,’ Shilee skillfully weaves a narrative that resonates with the aspirations and struggles of those on a journey toward prosperity.

The track’s thematic focus on hustling and the rewards that come with it is reflected not only in the lyrical content but also in the energetic beats and rhythm.

The production, spearheaded by Greamar, complements Shilee’s vision for ‘New Paper’exceptionally well. The track features a compelling blend of beats that exude confidence and triumph, creating a backdrop that perfectly aligns with the theme of achieving success through hard work. Shilee’s delivery in ‘Aje’ is notable for its authenticity and conviction.

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